Egrass Stamp generation procedure for Rajasthan

Egrass Stamp generation procedure for Rajasthan

Process of making E Grass Stamp (Rajasthan) 

  1. In Google search Type “e grass”
  2. Then “” will open
  3. On the right side, you have the option of New User? Sign Up
  4. After Registration again come on the above link and enter your credentials
  5. After the login page will be open where you have to make the profile first( Important, from one profile you can make manny Stamps)
  6. In Profile following information is to be entered


Office Name


The year will be taken automatically

Here Stamp Can be made for the

  • Trademark Department
  • MCA (Ministery of Corporate Affairs)
  • Registry Department of any district (Rajasthan)

After Making Profile Enter the Basic Detail and on the basis of basic detail and after selection of the Bank ‘GRN” will be generated and after clicking on Continue your Bank Account Portal will be open.

After Making a request to Save the Stamp in PDF Format.

Adv/CS Jeetam Saini 

About Author – Jeetam Kumar Saini is a practicing Advocate at Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur bench and Company Secretary – +91-9785949998

Disclaimer:- This is for information purposes is not responsible for the correctness of the information and not be held liable for any consequences.

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