Pfizer says it will supply coronavirus vaccine only to central governments

Pfizer says it will supply coronavirus vaccine only to central governments

“Pfizer will supply Covid-19 vaccine only to central governments and supra-national organisations for deployment in national immunization programs. Allocation of doses and implementation plan within a country is a decision for local governments based on relevant health authority guidance,” said Pfizer.

Amid claims from Punjab, Delhi governments about refusal of supply of coronavirus vaccines from US vaccine makers, Pfizer on Monday said it will supply only to central governments.

Stressing that vaccination is the need of the hour to protect people against the coronavirus, Sisodia said they have spoken to Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson for vaccines.”Pfizer and Moderna have refused to sell us directly saying they are talking to the Centre. The Centre has not approved Pfizer and Moderna whereas the world over they have been approved and bought by countries,” he said.

India has not given any manufacturer of a COVID-19 vaccine indemnity against the costs of compensation for any severe side effects, which is a condition Pfizer has obtained in many countries where its shots have already been widely used, including Britain and the United States. India pledged last month to fast-track approvals for overseas vaccine makers including Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson. Reaching an agreement with Pfizer is critical for India’s central government, which is struggling to secure needed COVID-19 vaccine doses as recorded daily cases exceed 250,000.


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