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Close One Person Company

  • One person comoany (opc) Closure process -

Under One Person Company (OPC) it does not require any consent from any other person. Further the company closure request should be filed after repaying all creditors, disposing all assets and closing all bank accounts. Further, kindly note the following points:

 - Take NOC form after clearing the dues/liabilities.

 - If you are registered with any government department, then you must seek NOC to close the business operations like from Income Tax Department etc.

 Passing a resolution with support of 2/3rd in value of the creditors of the OPC, for voluntary winding up of the company.

 The notice of this board resolution is to be submitted to the relevant ROC within 10 days of its approval from the creditors. A declaration is also to be submitted stating that the OPC has no debts, or if there are some debts, these will be paid off through sales of its assets within one year

 Filing the application for striking off the OPC with the concerned ROC, together with submitting the Board Resolution in favor of winding up. In case, the closing OPC has been inactive for one year after its incorporation, then the Form FTE is to be filed with ROC, within 30 days from the date of signing the statement of assets and liabilities of the closing OPC.