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Conversion Partnership LLP


Partnership firms are at a disadvantage when compared to the newly introduced Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) as they do not provide limited liability protection for the partners, separate legal entity status, ability to take on unlimited number of parters and ease of ownership transfer. The introduction of LLP’s through the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 has made LLPs the premier choice for small and medium sized businesses. Inciting tremendous interest among Partners of a existing Partnership firms to convert their firms into LLP. In this article we look at the process for conversion of partnership into LLP.

Once the Partnership is converted into a LLP, the Partnership firm is deemed to be dissolved and the name of the partnership firm is removed from the register of Registrar of Firms. The assets, liabilities, rights, privileges, obligations of the Partnership firm is considered to be wholly transferred to the LLP and the conversion doesn’t affect any existing contracts, employment, agreement, etc.

The Partners will enjoy limited liability protection for all transactions conducted after the conversion of partnership into LLP. However, the Partners will continue to be personally liable for all business conducted as a Partnership prior to the conversion into LLP.

In addition, after the conversion to LLP, the LLP for a period of not less than 12 months from date of conversion, must include a statement that it was converted from a Partnership into a LLP in all official correspondence.