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FSSAI Registration


Improved Customer base- In this era of digitization and instant communication the consumers have become much more aware of the food they eat.  They prefer to eat the food that is safe and hygienic without any adulteration and contaminations. With controversial cases like Maggie, consumers have begun to take the quality of food they eat seriously. 

Packaged Food Labels - Importance of FSSAI License came out with a drastic change now the business owners who are a part of FSSAI needs to mention the product labels such as Nutritional value, expiry date, veg or non-veg and FSSAI license and number.

Business Expansion- When the time comes for your business to expand in other areas or outlets, you can easily do so with the use of your FSSAI license. The license will help you to establish your reputation and also qualification to grow your business in a new direction with ease. Moreover, the license can also make it easier for you to get bank loans and for funding which is required for expansion.

Using FSSAI Logo-The penalties are higher than the food license cost. So, it is always safe to have the food license. If you have a food license, you can use the FSSAI logo for promotions which will bring great business. You can also expand your business in other states also.