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Internation Trademark Registration


  • Trademark registration primarily helps to build and retain loyal customer base while deterring competitors from using similar names or selling their products or services using your name.
  • It also prevents any confusion clearly identifying from which business house a product or service originates.
  • A trademark registration, in essence, protects the goodwill earned by your business.
  • On registration of the mark, the R symbol can be used next to the mark to put the public on notice that the mark is a registered trademark. For the trademark legal protection will be valid for a period of ten years. Renewal of the trademark can be done before expirty without any penalty for a further ten years by the owner.

    In case of infringement of a registered trademark, the trademark owner can get legal remedy. A Court may grant relief for trademark infringement or for passing off (eg: counterfeit goods). Trademark infringement relief can be provided through an injunction, damages or an account of profits, together with or without any order for the deliver-up of the infringing labels and marks for destruction or erasure.

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