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Private Limited Company

The Basic Requirement to start a Business is the base which forms the  working of the Business. The most common is conducting Business by forming a Company so that the overall goals and objectives of the business could be accomplished in an effective and efficient manner.Therefore Company Registration provides easy path towards Official working of an business. Company affairs in India are regulated and managed through the Companies Act 2013 and related laws and regulations, which are administered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

  • Company Registration

Company Registration is a process through which a Company is formed and Registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs over its Internet portal and thus providing it legal permission to carry on the business as a Company and assuring assistance from Government. Company Registration involves from the Approval of Name of the Company till the Incorporation. The whole process is done over the internet. The Online Compliance Requirement need to considered carefully and for this ,you need the best Company Incorporation Expert. And thats why NEARXPERT steps in to assist in:

-Collecting and Organizing the Documents

-consultancy regarding the Compliance.

- Applying for the necessary requirements.

-Filing the Application of Business Registration Online.

-Providing the Incorporation Certificate.


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  • Private Limited Company

What is a Private Limited Company?

A Private limited company, or LTD, is a type of privately held small business entity. This type of business entity limits 

     - owner liability to their shares                                         

    -limits the number of shareholders to 50 and

     -restricts shareholders from publicly trading shares.


(1)Limited Liability

One advantage of owning a private limited company is that the financial liability of shareholders is limited to their shares. Therefore, if a private limited company is in financial trouble and a situation arises to close the operations, shareholders would not be at risk of losing their personal assets. Although, perpetrating a fraud related to the private limited company would negate an owner's limited liability protection and he/she would be liable for that.

(2)Restricted Trade Shares

 It is an advantage to some shareholders because shareholders who want to sell their respective shares cannot sell them to outside buyers. Shareholders must also agree to the sale or transfer of shares; therefore, the risk of hostile takeovers is low.This aids in restricting the trade of shares upto the shareholders and no outsider is allowed.

(3)Going Concern

When a Company Incorporates, it becomes a Separate Legal Entity which has its separate existence and a common seal other than from the Owners of the Company. Hence enjoying the Going Concern benefit as compared to the other types of businesses.

(4)Tax Benefit

Private Limited Companies also enjoys Tax Benefit.Their Corporate Taxes may be lower than the other type of Businesses.They also enjoys various Government Assistance by way deductions and grants.


-Requirements for Private Limited Company:

(1) Minimum 2 Directors

(2)Minimum 2 Shareholders

(3)At least 1 Director should be from India

(4)Maximum 200 shareholders.


Procedural Steps for Registration of Private Limited Company:

(1)Procure Digital Signature Certificate

The first and foremost step is to procure the DSCs of the Personnel involved in Private Company Incorporation in India. The requirement of DSC arises for filling of e-forms over the online portal as the Ministry has prescribed  for online registration procedure for company incorporation and other applications.

  -Documents for DSC

  1. Passport sizephotograph of applicant;
  2. Self attested Address proof of applicant; and
  3. Self attested PAN card of applicant.


(2)Obtain Director Identification Number

Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique number assigned by Ministry of Corporate Affairs to the Directors making an application for allotment of DIN.Obtaining DIN is mandatory to be appointed as Director in any Company.

-Documents for DIN

1.Passport size photograph of applicant;

2.Self  attested Address proof of applicant; and

3.Self  attested PAN card of applicant


(3)Reservation of Name

Before making an application to incorporate and register Private Limited Company in India, the name for the proposed company shall be reserved. An Application for Reservation of Name of Private Limited Company shall be made in the prescribed form. Our NEARXPERT Professionals shall make a search for availability of name before filling the application so that the applicant can make application of the names accordingly.


(4)Incorporation Filing

After reservation of the name for proposed company, the application for issuance of Certificate of Incorporation shall be made which involves the following series of procedure: 

  1. Drafting MOA and AOA

Both, MoA and AoA are charter document for a Private Limited Company. Memorandum of Association prescribes the scope of operations of company by enumerating the main object and activities of the company, Whereas the Articles of Association provides in what manner the operations and administration shall be carried on.

2.Required Documents

 (a)Utility Bill and NOC from the owner for the Registered Office address of the Company;

 (b)  Consent to act as a Director of the company in form DIR-2

 (c) Filing of DIR-8 Intimation by Director( regarding Appointment and Qualification of Directors)


The application is submitted by paying the requisite Government Fees and Stamp Duty as applicable in case of concerned state on the portal. On review and verification of the application made for certificate of incorporation, the Registrar on his satisfaction may issue the Certificate of Incorporation under his seal and signature in electronic form. The Certificate of Incorporation (CoI) issued will include the date of incorporation as well as the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the company.


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