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Sole Proprietorship

  •  What are the Advantages of Sole Proprietorships?

  1. Beginning a sole proprietorship is easy. Unlike other business structures, starting a sole proprietorship requires less paperwork and time to create a legal sole proprietorship.
  2. It is cheap to start a sole proprietorship. Where other business structures have increased fees and filings to open for business, sole proprietorships tend to be affordable models to start and maintain.
  3. There are some tax benefits for a sole proprietorship. Instead of the business having to file its own tax return, sole proprietors claim businesses gains and losses on their own individual tax return. Also, the sole proprietorship is taxed using individual income tax rates rather than corporate making it simpler and cheaper to comply with your tax obligations.
  4. Sole proprietors can employ others and grow their business. Sole proprietorships can hire others and enjoy the tax benefits from doing so. Additionally, spouses of the owner can work for the sole proprietorship without being declared as an employee.