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Trademark Renewal


What is a Trademark ?

Trademark is a sign or name which is capable enough to distinguish the goods and services of one enterprises from of other enterprises. In Case of artistic work since from ancient time artist used to make their mark so that work may be easily distinguished easilys.

Trademark Renewal

As per the available rules and provisions in India, total protection time period for Trademark provided for the

Trademark Restoration

Trademark Hearing

Trademark Opposition

International Trademark Registration

Intellectual Property Right is a right which gives strength to business to expand without fear of stealing Brand, Process which is unique and providing a particular business a superior advantages in comparison to their competitors.

There are different segment is to be considered for protection of intellectual Property Right and after selection proper platform is to be considered.

Basically Intellectual Property are protected by the law, which enables business enterprises to earn recognition or monetary benefit.IPR maintain right balance between the interest of inventor and protection to the general public for any confusion.

Date of registration & period of registration: For the purposes of renewal, the effective date of registration is the date of making of the application. The registration of trade mark is valid for a period of ten years (10 years) from the date of registration which may be renewed from time to time in accordance with the provisions of Trade Marks Act & Rule.


Prior notice as to renewal of trademarks:

The Office shall send a notice to the Registered Proprietor on Form O-3 intimating the approaching expiration of registration of trade mark and the condition as to the renewal of trade mark.

The O-3 notice shall be electronically generated from the Trade Mark Automation System (TMAS) and the same shall be dispatched by the Registered Post so that it is received by the Registered Proprietor at any date not less than one month and not more than three months before the expiration of last renewal of trade mark.


Application for renewal:

An application for renewal of registration of trade mark shall be made on Form TM-12 at the appropriate office or Head Office of the Trade Marks Registry, at any time not more than six months before the expiration of last registration of the trade mark.

Where the registration of a trade mark takes more than 10 years, namely after the first renewal date, the application for the renewal may be made within the period of six months from the actual date of registration.